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Changes and Dangers In Retrenchment Law

Ivan Israelstam presents the following Johannesburg Seminar:

 This new labour law update dealing with retrenchments and section 197 transfers includes:

  • Recent case law
  • Statutory changes
  • Retrenchment Code of Good Practice and
  • Tips for balancing legal compliance with practical management of your operational requirements.

 The seminar covers case law and statutory changes and dangers on:

  •  Substantive fairness requirements when retrenching
  • Required retrenchment procedure
  • Restructuring and retrenchment
  • Good faith consultation
  • Section 197 takeovers, outsourcing and retrenchments
  • Section 187(1)(g) dismissals implemented due to going concern transfers
  • Creative ways of avoiding retrenchments and retrenchment litigation

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